About Tom

The one constant through Tom Kowalski’s life was his generosity.

It extended through his family, his friends, his co-workers and even passing acquaintances.

Tom lived a huge life. He loved to laugh; he loved the sun and the lake, and a Bud Light now and then. He brought out the best in those who knew him because he wanted them to enjoy life too.

After his unexpected death at the age of 51 on Aug. 29, 2011, a common thread voiced among his friends was wondering how would they get by without him. They each felt special because he was so generous with his time.

Tom was entering his 30th season as a newspaper beat writer covering the Detroit Lions. He threw himself into social media where he found more fans. He also had his own radio show where he would explain exactly what was going on with the Lions. Opinionated (to say it mildly), he could debate with the best of them and he loved it.

Two of Tom’s favorite charities were Our Children’s Fund Of West Bloomfield Twp and Team Joseph. A handful of his closest friends have created a foundation in his honor so he can keep on giving. He would be so proud.

Paula Pasche